Coastside Couture


Co-owner, Lead Planner


Heidi worked her first wedding as a server at a Bed and Breakfast at age 16, and was hooked! Now Heidi’s resume encompasses over 25 years of Hospitality experience including being a Food and Beverage Manager at Chaminade Resort in Santa Cruz, as well as the Food and Beverage Director at the Faculty and Conference Center at UCSC before starting her 10 years as Lead Planner for Couture. Obsessions include coffee, Audrey Hepburn movies, books, food, travel, shoes and anything that sparkles. When Heidi’s not working on fabulous events you can find her hanging out with her two children Skyler and Sage, two dogs Biscuit and Gravy and Leo the cat. As a former Chef Heidi loves cooking, and spends hours in the kitchen creating new dishes. She loves yoga, morning walks with her dogs and working in the yard with her chickens. You can often find her listening to her favorite band Pearl Jam or snacking on her favorite foods with include french fries, cheese, olives, figs and pretty much all Mexican food.

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