Wedding Date

After getting engaged, the first step to wedding planning is finding the venue and picking your wedding date. Some couples choose their wedding date based on availability of their dream venue, their favorite time of year, or a date that is special for the couple (ie anniversary). When picking this date there are many things to consider- floral that will be in season, rain potential, vendor pricing, etc. Here is a list to help you learn the pros and cons of your potential wedding date, based on the seasons. 


Ever dreamed of getting married in a winter wonderland? Or perhaps you want to wear a dress with long sleeves? A winter wedding creates a beautiful landscape of bare nature and gives an intimate and cozy feel as your guests can cuddle up next to a roaring fire or stay warm under a tent with twinkle lights. Vendor pricing is often lower around this time of year since it is off-season, so you can extend your budget further than expected. Many vendors will not have as many weddings and events during this time, so it will be easier for you to get maximum care and attention around your wedding day. However, plan in the budget for extra heaters and a tent for a rain plan since the weather is less predictable during these months!


Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married as all of nature blooms and paints a stunning landscape. There are several floral options during this time to choose from (Peonies anyone?!) for beautiful bouquets and decor. Most of spring is still considered off-season for many vendors, so you may still get a deal on pricing (although California is practically year round for wedding season). The weather is also unpredictable during this time of year, so you will have to watch closely as the wedding date gets closer to see if it looks like it will be hot (in which case you can rent less heaters) or cold and rainy (where you need to implement a rain plan and more heating). 


Do you love the heat? Plan a wedding for the summer! Summer is always a beautiful time of year for an outdoor wedding. Most likely there will be no rain and the weather will be sunny and warm, making it a safer time of year to plan for an outdoor venue. However if you are planning a wedding along the California coast, be cautious of fog as it usually rolls in by the evening and can chill down the venue quickly. By summer wedding season in in full swing, so you will not cut costs with off-season vendors, but you likely will save money on less heating/rain plans. Plus the trees and floral will be lush, so less decor and floral may be needed. Make sure to send save the dates out early if planning a summer wedding to make sure your guests don't plan vacations around that time!


Do you love the look of bright orange leaves changing among the vineyards and trees? Then an Autumn wedding may be perfect for you! September and October are often some of the warmest months in California, and rain usually isn't a problem during this time (until November). There is a reason why this time of year is called California's Indian Summer, as it is dry and often warmer than actual summer. The one major downside to an Autumn wedding is that September and October are the busiest months in wedding season. This could mean higher prices and busier vendors that may not be as quick to respond to your needs. This also means that you have to book as many rentals, shuttles, and vendors as soon as you can to ensure availability. A Fall wedding can be a stunning time of year if you can plan early!