We absolutely love planning events, but every once in a while we love it even more to be treated as a guest and attend events! A few weeks ago Carmel Valley Ranch invited our team to their venue for a three day wedding weekend experience. Day one started with a gorgeous wedding rehearsal followed by a dinner in their Clubhouse dining room. After dinner CVR set up glow in the dark golf and s'mores to roast over the fire by the pool. We played some golf - Karissa was nailing it - before we joined in on line dancing and were taught some killer dance moves.

The following day we enjoyed a hike up to the yoga platform in the middle of the trees overlooking the valley (not a bad way to get the day started!). After an amazing morning workout, we got to choose to participate in either bee keeping, archery, or salt making. Karissa and Kayla chose archery while Heidi got suited up in her bee keeping outfit and learned all about bees and how to make honey (which is very fascinating if you haven't had a bee experience yet). We got served a lovely al fresco lunch in the garden with wine, salt, and honey tasting stations - that were all fantastic!

Two of the girls at CVR got dressed up as brides for their "wedding ceremony" and we got to witness a hilarious ceremony on the upper lawn between these two best friends - including an adorable dog! We walked up through the vineyard to the landing for cocktails and had yet another delicious dinner in the Vitner room and enjoyed the rest of the "wedding" evening with a fun group of wedding professionals. 

We wished we could have stayed at CVR for another week to relax in their cabanas by the refreshing pool with a glass of wine, but it was time for us to go back to work. A big thank you to Carmel Valley Ranch for hosting us!