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Map of Big Sur

Happy Monday!

I pinned this wonderful map of Big Sur a few months ago and I was blow away by the amount of pins it’s gotten. This is one of the Best Maps of Big Sur (proper) in the fact that it explains where landmarks like the Big Sur Bakery, The Henry Miller Library and Ventana are located. It’s very helpful especially if you are planning a Big Sur wedding to include something like this for your guests to understand the area.


Map of Big Sur

Map of Big Sur

Shoes For Thought Thursday, Lawn Worthy Wedges from BHLDN


Happy Thursday! You know how I love to post about shoes. Have you checked out our Heidi’s Shoe Posts Pinterest Board??? Highly suggest checking it out. This week we are highlighting this gem from Badgley Mischa, the Gigi Wedge. Satin, strappy and the right little touch of bling make these perfect for a lawn ceremony!

We just can’t get over this gorgeous wedding dress from BHLDN

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Day!


While pining for a Bride this morning we can across this absolutely stunning dress. This Lucca Maxi dress is only $480.00 from BHLDN.

Lucca Maxi

Lucca Maxi

WeddingWire Couples Choice Award 2015!


We are, as always honored that WeddingWire has given us the title for Couples Choice Awards again for 2015!

This makes it six years in a row for couple’s choice awards and that is pretty cool! WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.

Thanks WeddingWire and to our wonderful clients who rock!



Happy 2015!

Karissa, Heidi and Kayla at ISSE Mexico 2014 photo by the darling Robyn Aaron Photography

Karissa, Heidi and Kayla at ISSE Mexico 2014 photo by the darling Robyn Aaron Photography

We hope you had a fantastic Holiday Season and are so looking forward to all kinds of exciting new adventures in 2015!



Karissa, Heidi and Kayla!


Why a professional event planning company (like Coastside Couture) charges what they do

Hello and Happy Thursday!

We are getting into booking season over here at Coastside Couture and of course have been getting lots of inquires to our pricing. I’d like to explain why and how Coastside Couture  charges what we do.

In 2008 Heidi and I incorporated our sole proprietor businesses making us a SCorp. So Coastside Couture is an actual legit Corporation (we think big around here ;) ).  We had decided to become a corporation for a number of reasons, all of which we are happy we went that route. We pay quarterly and yearly corporate taxes to do business as a corporation.

Then we have our fantastic staff, because Heidi and I are employees of the corporation we pay ourselves a salary and along with Kayla as a full time employee, we have payroll costs and taxes. Keep in mind we have a part time employee, Sonia and other contractors working on our business and helping run events, so our labor cost is also a factor.

We have two offices to help support the amount of weddings we do each year. Of course there are costs associated with the offices like utilities, internet, phones, cell phones etc. etc.

Here is a big one, we have insurance! I know right? Surprise! We are insured and we also have a license to do business, and we pay for these things. We pay city and county taxes as well.

Ok then there is the other stuff like, mileage, website, advertising, event supplies, accounting, organization dues, printed collateral, educational costs (because we do refresh and learn about as much as we can in our industry each year) etc .etc…

I think you are getting my point right?

We aren’t just a small company with no overhead, we choose to be big, we choose to be excellent, we choose to have a warm office to meet in instead of a coffee shop with wifi. We want to give our clients the personal planning experience they deserve. So in order to do this, we have to incur costs. Which is our choice, but it also sets us a part from other planners. There is a great group of planners who have a legit business going on and you should commend them for it. Please when deciding on a planner don’t compare a planner that charges “a lot” more to a planner who is obviously not as experienced and charging  ”a lot less”, it’s not fair to the planners who do this for a true living, who have invested time, money and hard work into making their business successful.

Think of it this way if you were going to the doctor, would you want to go to a crowded, maybe not so clean office and wait a long time while sick people cough all around you to get mediocre advice and feel like you were just a number? Of course not, you want to go to the Doctor who has a big cozy waiting room with hot tea where the receptionist knows your name and asks if there is anything she can get you. Your Doctor walks in and makes you feel like your cold is the only cold in the world right now. Yep that’s what we all want and that is what you get with Coastside Couture.

Hey I get it, we all have to start somewhere. When I first started Coastside Weddings and Events, I worked from home (I even had a part time job to help supplement my income). Even with the amount of event experience I had prior to starting my business, I certainly did not have the experience to be doing full scale weddings in a field with little resources or the magnitude of events we do now. I had to work my way up to it.

So when you are looking at a planner and comparing them by pricing alone, first make sure you look at the experience. Then ask yourself some questions. Does the planner who is less expensive have some years under their belt? Do they have the ability to make decisions on a moments notice to make the event work more smoothly. Do they have the confidence to take care of your wedding day. Look at their reviews, ask about their insurance, see if they are a registered business. These are all really important things to know.  I’ve heard some sad stories recently about a planner who’s not from our area, who is undercutting the local planners then taking two weddings in one day because she isn’t making enough money off of one. Seriously, you want your planner to go to another wedding in the middle of yours? This is another reason why a professional planner will charge more, because they charge what they are worth! They don’t just charge to get the job.

I was recently asked if I would discount my rates for a package. No, we don’t discount our rates. We actually have a formula to figure out how to charge so we can run the business and actually have a little something left over to pay us with. We are a legit business. So please keep that in mind when you are looking for a planner. Do you want someone who actually does this for a living, do you want someone who has some experience to make sure the biggest day in your life so far goes smoothly?  This is a one shot day, would you trust someone with little experience to make sure it’s  perfect?

We all know you get what you pay for.

Heidi and Karissa were featured on the cover of Inspire Smart Success Magazine

Heidi and Karissa were featured on the cover of Inspire Smart Success Magazine in 2013




Happy Birthday Heidi!!!!


As we get ready to coordinate our last wedding of the season this weekend I wanted to take a minute to say a big Thank you and Happy Birthday to my rock, my “wifey” my sister, my BFF and my amazing Business Partner Heidi!

You complete me ;-)

Photo from forever ago before we merged I believe our buddy Mike Steelman took this

Can’t wait to rock the wedding with you, Kayla and some of our favorite vendors at Holman Ranch this weekend!


Ps. Photo from forever ago before we merged I believe our buddy Mike Steelman took this

Bridget and Chris’ Ranch Chic Carmel Valley Wedding at Holman Ranch

On this rainy winter day, I felt it was a perfect moment to share a gorgeous tent wedding we designed and produced in Carmel Valley this past spring. Thank you Scott Campbell for letting us share these gorgeous images!! Enjoy!
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We are so excited to share Bridget and Chris stunning spring ranch wedding. They were married just this past March at Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley, California. With over 200 guests including many local farmers and ranchers in attendance, our lovely couple exchanged vows in a Catholic ceremony with the beautiful valley as their backdrop. The couples dog Chester acted as ring bearer. The weather turned from a predicted drizzly day to perfect blue skies and sunshine and the celebration spilled out over the beautifully manicured property. Details during the cocktail hour included a DIY Polaroid guest book station, and escort cards displayed in branches that the groom made from wood found on the family ranch. For dinner, the guests moved into a stunning clear tent adorned with garlands, draping, trees, and three spectacular antler chandeliers custom made for the event. A large cross configured table was centered in the tent and acted as the head table. It was surrounded by round tables of family and friends. A custom runner with the Bride and Groom’s new ranch brand was featured and each guest sat down to a personalized menu. The diners feasted on local artichokes, wedge salads, rib eye and salmon. The meal was concluded with berry cobbler and ice cream. The Bride and Groom spent the last few hours of the night dancing, eating cake and celebrating with their family and friends. We loved planning this wedding with the Bride and her amazing Mother Pam during a whirlwind 6 months. It was the perfect rustic chic ranch affair they were hoping for.
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Kate Spade
Lighting And Plants: Carmel Plant Tenders
Invitations: The Quill
Videography: Anchor Cinema
Event Planning: Coastside Couture
Floral Design: Fleurs Du Soleil