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Bathroom Baskets!


Hi Everyone! We are starting a new blog series around here where will talk about different ideas and special touches you can add to your wedding day.  Today’s bright idea is- Bathroom Baskets! Bathroom baskets are baskets (or any container you please) filled with toiletries and amenities to place in the restrooms located on your venue’s property. Things to include are: soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, mints, mouth wash, those awesome mini disposable tooth brushes, gum,toothpicks, hair spray, spray deodorant, body spray, bobby pins, hair ties, bandaids, Bandaid Friction Block ( I swear by this stuff),  chapstick, shout wipes or tide pens, eye drops,feminine products tums, Advil, etc…. basically buy one of everything from your local drug store travel aisle :) These items will allow your guests to freshen up with some great amenities, and keep them partying until the end of the night.  To store all these goodies, you can pick up a really cute basket at Ross, Marshal’s, Target, or even the the Dollar Store! Guests will love it, and they will really appreciate the extra step you took for their own comfort!

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